If live is not going as you please, change it!

In 1979 Jon Kabat-Zinn set up the Mindfulness based Stress Reduction, some changes would follow, but mainly it was proven to work! One definition of Mindfulness given by him is “Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way; on purpose, in the present moment, and non judgmentally”. And this is exactly what we will train during this training.

Mindfulness is proven to be effective in reducing the following symptoms:

  • work stress and burnout
  • negative thinking, ruminating
  • relapse to depression
  • chronic pain and the emotional effects of a serious disease
  • symptoms regarding anxiety and fear
  • physical symptoms which are stress and tension related

For who is this training?

  • People with physical complaints
  • People with stress related symptoms
  • People with a burn-out
  • People which ruminate
  • People with depression
  • People who want to learn from mindfulness
  • People who want to work with mindfulness
  • People who want to experience mindfulness


Mindfulness is based on practicing rather than learning with the mind. During these sessions we will do yoga, guided meditations, exchange experiences and theoretical aspects.
During the training you will practice at home with formal exercises (guided meditations and/or mindful yoga) and informal exercises (mindful eating or mindful brushing teeth, or …).
Being with your attention in the present moment will also help you enjoy life more.

Mindfulness Training

  • Check in talk
  • 8 sessions of 2½ hours
  • Mindfulness Day
  • Reader and guided meditations
  • Guided by qualified trainer
  • Group with max 4 participants

€ 375,-

Payment in installments is possible in consultation

What changes can be made just by bringing attention to oneself. In 8 weeks I’ve learned so much about myself!


Meditation can bring you so much. Just knowing how you feel in this moment even if it’s not what you want to feel is an eye-opener. And the weekly meetings are a restpoint during the week.


The Mindfulnesss Day! I had never expected it, but it was a beautyful experience!


I’ve learned how harse I was for myself. Being more friendly for myself already gave me much more joy in live.


Mindfulness Training online

  • Check in talk
  • 8 online sessions
  • Reader and guided meditations
  • Guided by qualified trainer
  • Walkthrough on your own pace

€ 175,-